8 Bitty Games

8 Bitty Games

By Patrick Rodriguez

8 Bitty Games is a series of games developed for the original Game Boy System, both as a design experiment and a learning endeavor. Designing and developing games for such a technologically limited platform is both fun and rewarding, and I'd like to share with you the fruits of my labor.

There are currently 7 games released for you to play. You can play them in your browser on their individual webpages, or download them from itch.io to play in an emulator or flash onto a real Game Boy cartridge.

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The Games

Here are the games currently released. Click on the images to see more! With the exception of Blarble 1290, all games can be played in your browser using an embedded Javascript-based Game Boy emulator.

1 - Yarn Ball

A bitty puzzle game about a ball of yarn.

2 - Orb Catcher

A bitty action game where you collect orbs.

3 - Tiny Dancer

A bitty rhythm game about life at a dance studio.

4 - Dodgeball

A bitty sports game about throwing and dodging balls.

5 - Blarble 1290

A bitty interactive fiction about humanity's relation to machines. (Game Boy Printer-enabled)

6 - Beep Boop Boom Box

A bitty music toy.

7 - The Ritual

A bitty retro-sim about getting your NES to work.


You can download the ROM files below to play in a Game Boy emulator or flash onto a cartridge. The games are available via itch.io. Even though the games are free, please consider leaving a tip on the download page.

This is just a personal project, so all purchases and donations help fund more games! Recommended donation is $2.50 if you found any of the games enjoyable :). You can also subscribe to my Patreon page if you'd like to keep updated on the next games in the series! Thanks!