Yarn Ball

8 Bitty Games

Yarn Ball

Yarn Ball is a puzzle game for the original Game Boy. It is the first of my "8 Bitty Games" series.

Move: WASD / Arrows Start: Enter

Reset Level: Shift (Select)

Emulation by GameBoy-Online


"8 Bitty Games" is a series of small games developed for the original Game Boy system.

In Yarn Ball, you play as a ball of yarn traversing a series of mazes and caverns. You have a limited amount of yarn, so you must find rewind points along the way to wind back up and keep going. You can also find extra bits of yarn that can extend your reach! You never know what awaits you!

Yarn Ball was made using the Game Boy Development Kit and the Game Boy Tile/Map Designer, and can be played on any Game Boy emulator or flashed onto a Game Boy cartridge.

How To Play

Find your way through the mazes and caves! You have a limited amount of yarn to roll around with, which can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can roll back up by touching a ball winder or by backtracking your steps. You cannot roll over previously laid yarn (i.e. cross your own path).

Goals and winders are only activated if touched using your last piece of yarn.

The number on the bottom right of the screen is the level number. There are 23 levels total. Can you solve them all?


You can download the ROM files below to play in a Game Boy emulator or flash onto a cartridge. The games are available via itch.io. Even though the games are free, please consider leaving a tip on the download page.

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