8 Bitty Games


Dodgeball is a sports game for the original Game Boy. It is the fourth of my "8 Bitty Games" series.

Move: Arrows Dodge: Z + Left/Right

Pick up Ball: X Aim: (Hold) X + Direction

Throw Ball: (While aiming) Z

Pause: Enter

Emulation by GameBoy-Online


"8 Bitty Games" is a series of small games developed for the original Game Boy system.

Dodgeball is a sports game based on the classic children's game of the same name.

In Dodgeball you must collect and throw balls at your opponent while being careful not to get hit! It's a thrilling game of wits and reflexes!

Dodgeball was made using the Game Boy Development Kit and the Game Boy Tile/Map Designer, and can be played on any Game Boy emulator or flashed onto a Game Boy cartridge.

How To Play

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!

Move around and dodge the opponent's balls. Collect balls and throw them at the opponent. Balls left on the ground will reset after a while. First to 10 wins!

Use the d-pad to move, press A (X in browser) to grab a ball. Hold A and use the d-pad to aim. While aiming, press B (Z in browser) to throw the ball. You can also press B and left or right to dodge out of the way.


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