Beep Boop Boom Box

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Beep Boop Boom Box

Beep Boop Boom Box is a music toy for the original Game Boy. It is the sixth of my "8 Bitty Games" series.

Move Cursor: Arrows Place track 1: X

Place track 2: Z Pause/Resume: Enter

Open/Close settings: Shift

Emulation by GameBoy-Online


"8 Bitty Games" is a series of small games developed for the original Game Boy system.

Beep Boop Boom Box is a "tone matrix"-style music toy where activating squares on the board makes music play. There are two customizable channels to use, as well as a percussion channel on the bottom of the screen. You can change certain aspects of the sounds by opening the settings menu and playing around!

Beep Boop Boom Box was made using the Game Boy Development Kit and the Game Boy Tile/Map Designer, and can be played on any Game Boy emulator or flashed onto a Game Boy cartridge.

How To Play

Move around the board with the D-Pad. Press A to lay down notes on track 1, and B to lay down notes on track 2. Press again on a note to remove it. Each beat can only play one note on each track.

The bottom section of the screen is percussion. Each beat can only play 1 percussion note.

Press select to toggle the sound settings menu. Use the D-pad to change values. Experiment with different sounds! Start pauses and resumes playback.


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